A Brief History of Sardah Govt. Pilot High School

Police Training Centre (P.T.C) was founded in 1912 in Sardah at Charghat thana which is situated by the side of river Padma & Baral. There were almost no schools in this locality where the children of the stuffs of P.T.C could study. A great force came to build a school at the P.T.C courtyard. And as a result ‘Sardah M.E Junior School’ was established in 1916 with the help of Major Chamni,the principal of P.T.C. The school was situated on the South-East corner of the present school building having a roof of tiles,a veranda of tin and a red colored one storeyed building. The building was broken in 1988.

The principals of P.T.C were elected as chairman of Executive Committee according to their ranking. But to fulfill the increasing demands the school was turned into ‘High School’ in 1927 and it gets the sanction of educational board in 1929. Students were sent to Rajshahi for the matriculation exam first in 1931. 5 students participated in the matriculation exam of 1931 and 2students got 1st division,2students got 2nd division and 1 student got 3rd division. There were 50 students in the school at that time.

Meanwhile,decissions were being taken to shift the school building as the number of the students were increasing day by day. The school was shifted to the present building on 26 December,1962. Former president Field Marshal Aayub Khan was present at the opening ceremony. From the very beginning the active supervising of the Executive Committee,the sincere teaching of the teachers,the help of the gaurdians made the school famous as an ideal school. So it was included in fort foundation pilot scheme in 1962. and then it’s been named as Sardah pilot high school. Former president major general ziaur rahman pledged to make it a government school during his visit at P.T.C in 1976.it was included as a government school for consequence of his pledge in January 1981. Even though its a government school till now, it’s more familiar as pilot school.